Birthday gift for guy just started dating


'Guy is more than happy to sign - it's not his style to talk. 'The children are with her now in New York and she plans to educate them in the States.' The Mail on Sunday revealed in May that the couple were living separate lives and had discussed dividing their assets.

They had not planned to announce their divorce until the end of Madonna's world tour, but sources say Guy was fed up with 'living a lie'.

'He hates the idea of the kids always being on a plane living a New York-London lifestyle, but that will probably be the reality.' Madonna is still said to be 'fuming' that news of their split was leaked last week.


'He was wary of adopting a baby, but the bond between him and David is so strong now, and he loves Rocco more than anything in the world.

'Guy fell out of love with Madonna a long time ago,' said the source.

'It's very sad, but really they were only together for the kids.

A source close to Guy said last night: 'He just wants out, he has had enough of the Madonna circus and he is massively relieved. 'The most important things to him are having full access to his kids, whom he adores, and a quiet life.

'The one thing he wants more than anything is their house in the country along with his pub The Punchbowl.Our resumes mirror each other’s in a lot of ways, and I can’t help but feel the tension sometimes.


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