Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating

He then leads Rachel on and writes on his blog that he “made out” with three women?One of our readers, Stephie C, just left this amazing comment on our site with details about Michael Stagliano’s rumored Chicago-based girlfriend, which, after Reality Steve mentioned her in one of his recent blogs, has been known on the Interwebs as simply “Emily from Chicago” for the past two airing and we all got to see Michael leading Rachel Truehart to believe he was totally single and available while shooting (which, he may have been “technically,” but seemingly not in his heart).Hemsworth recently returned from London after working on “Thor: The Dark World,” a sequel to his 2011 superhero flick.Mc CONAUGHEY, ALVES ADD A SMALL ROLE Matthew Mc Conaughey may like to show off his rock-hard abs, but TMZ is reporting that his wife, Camila Alves, toned down her tummy a bit by giving birth to the couple’s third child Friday.


The story was picked up around the world, with people startled that Cruise could be so enamored of a regular gal.

Blakely and Tony Get Engaged A real-life engagement came out of the finale, once again.

“This has gone so quick for both of us but I can't picture you not in my life,” he says.

Tom Cruise’s fling from Queens, Cynthia Jorge, is apparently so disturbed by all the attention her date with the “Jack Reacher” star got that she’s hiding at her mother’s house in Fresh Meadows.

She’s swearing to friends that she did not leak the news of their partying at Le Baron.

Tony and Blakely announced that they are going to move in together in Portland.



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