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Close your eyes and imagine going back to those times as your current self with all you've learned since that time (even the things you've learned from this fear of rejection article).Imagine reassuring that younger you: your present you calmly telling that younger self how everything's going to be okay.


Now the 'prophet' feels they were right from the very beginning: "I told you so! Expecting the worst can act as a type of emotional insurance policy. How do your beliefs around possible rejection influence your behaviour?

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People who never learn to question their assumptions (however emotionally clouded they were when they jumped at them) make life harder.

And how does that behaviour influence your actions?

You can't start to change your actions until you really see what is going on.Consider what people have rejected: If someone does 'reject' you, don't inevitably feel it's because you're 'unlovable' or 'destined to be alone' - because what they've done is give you very clear feedback about...themselves.


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